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We help you build your skills so you can become your own boss by offering affordable courses made by Filipinos for Filipinos

Are you looking to find a way to earn more, either through a side hustle or by starting your own business? 

Are you already a highly skilled worker or business owner, but you want to scale up your income and find easier ways to do more so you can have more time for your family and other passion projects? 

Maybe you are an office-based employee and want to transition to a work-from-home setup, but you’re worried about what kind of job you’ll be able to do and what skills you’ll need to learn.

Have you looked into online courses to guide you through the basics and beyond but found that they’re either too expensive or not relevant for Filipinos? 

Look no further than Pinay Girl Boss Academy! Our mentors have all been down the same road you’re traveling on. Many have taken online and offline courses that cost a fortune, only to find that much of what they learned might not apply in the Philippine market or with Filipino clients.

They’ve helped each other grow their businesses and brands, and now they want to help you, along with every Pinay who wants to be her own boss!

Here are three reasons to enroll in a course or two or ten with Pinay Girl Boss Academy:


All courses are priced at just P499 per course.

This isn’t an enormous amount of money, but you’ll find your return on your investment could be fifty or even a hundred or thousand times what you spent if you can turn what you learn into a lucrative sideline or career.


They are taught by mentors with a wealth of experience.

Our mentors have years, even decades, of experience under their belts. And in many cases, they’re offering these particular courses because they want to help people solve problems or answer questions they had themselves.


The lessons are locally relevant.

These courses are all taught by Filipinos and designed with a Filipino audience in mind. That means examples will be local, and all the tips and processes taught can be applied by Pinoys as well. Plus, they don’t eliminate the possibility of earning globally!


You’ll help other aspiring Pinay Girl Bosses achieve their dreams!

Every time you purchase a course to enroll in, a portion of the proceeds goes to our corporate social responsibility projects, which include job fairs and scholarship programs to allow Pinays in need to take our courses for free.


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