Virtual Assistant Basics

Learn the Skills, Plan Your Strategy, and Earn More

by Yona Signo

Increase your income and work from home as a virtual assistant (VA) with expert tips, tools, and strategies

For the first time ever, Yona Signo, founder of Kaya Services, shares her secrets to success as a VA with her course Virtual Assistant Basics: Learn the Skills, Plan Your Strategy, and Earn More.

From mastering skills every VA should have to building your brand to attract clients to establishing your income strategy and growing your career, what you’ll learn from this VA essentials training course will set you up for a virtual victory.

Are you stuck in a job you hate with terrible hours and a nasty commute to deal with, and want to work from home so you can spend more time with your family?

Are you looking for more flexible hours and a career path you can better plot out to maximize your income and minimize your working hours?

Perhaps you’re just tired of the corporate life and are looking for a stable, rewarding career as a freelancer.

Or maybe you’ve already gotten started as a VA but feel overwhelmed or frustrated because you don’t have the right tools or skills to complete jobs to the satisfaction of your clients or because you can’t get the payouts you need to support what you need and want in life.

Whatever holds true to have gotten you here—don’t worry! We’ve got you. Yona Signo, who started out as a VA herself and now manages a whole team serving various clients, teaches you the basics of what you need to do and know as a newbie VA.

Ready to start your online career?

Want to know why becoming a VA is so popular in the current remote-forward workforce? It’s because you need very few skills to get started! But suppose you already have essential soft skills. This will mean you’re already ahead of the game, even if you need to learn some of the technical aspects of virtual assistance.

Here are five skills that could mean you’d make a highly efficient virtual assistant:


You’re reliable and trustworthy.

All the skills in the world won’t be worth anything if you can’t be relied upon to show up to work when you are set to, or your clients worry you’ll be sharing their trade secrets with others.

You know how to manage your time.

Even the best of us can be procrastinators. Still, people with good time management skills learn how to curb those tendencies or work around them. Mommies who have to schedule their kids’ activities might find those skills translate well into scheduling their professional lives as VAs.

You’re great at communication.

How can you deliver what the client wants if you don’t have a good understanding of what that is? Great VAs listen to their clients’ needs and communicate what they need to know—including what to expect and when to expect it.

You can adapt to different situations.

While many tasks may take on a routine feel once you’ve gotten used to virtual assistance, sometimes you’ll get a completely new request. Will you look for ways to fulfill it (and maybe charge extra while doing so)? Or will you give up and risk disappointing a high-paying client?

You have a proactive attitude.

It’s one thing to do the things that are asked of you. It’s another thing entirely if you can anticipate your clients’ needs. Be able to say something like, “Hey, I noticed you seem to spend a lot of time on this one thing, and I have a suggestion for how to make things go faster,” and you’ll find you’re worth your weight in gold to clients willing to reward you.
Think you’ve got these things down, or can at least work on them? Learn tips and tricks to up your efficiency, as well as other technical skills that will turn you from virtual assistant to virtual superstar.

Meet Your Mentor:

Yona Signo

Award-winning mompreneur, bestselling author, program creator, host, and outsourcing and business strategy consultant

What better way to learn a new career than to be guided by someone who’s made her way from the bottom up in the business you’re trying to break into?

Yona Signo got started as a virtual assistant with just one client. She then got a second client, at which point she was earning $2500 a month. Which sounds pretty good, except that she kept finding opportunities to grow her business further and help more people. However, she realized she’d need a team to help her do it.

So she established Kaya Services, an Australian company for which she is the Managing Director, and started hiring other Filipinos and training them to be virtual assistants. Her hard work has paid off: in 2021, she won the AusMumpreneur Gold Award for Multicultural Business Excellence. She was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Filipino Women on LinkedIn that same year.

“My first-hand experience as a virtual assistant and my expertise in building a business and empowering virtual assistants, as well as my being a Filipina-Australian, gives me the unique experience and knowledge on how to empower Filipino virtual assistants to have a global clientele,” says this mother of two.

And while she may have a bachelor’s degree in computing and certifications as a PRINCE2 Practitioner and with the ITIL Foundation, she’s adamant that even people without any knowledge of what a virtual assistant is can become successful VAs. All you need is the right attitude—especially an eagerness to learn.

She’s hoping students of her course, which gives you an introduction to working as a virtual assistant, will show that willingness to learn and use what she teaches them to become successful VAs in their own right.

“Even from the very beginning, Miss Yona was very supportive and uplifting of me…. I’m really, really thankful of having her as my mentor.… I will never forget the times when she showed me the value of progress over perfection during the times when I doubted my skills as a creative. So if you’re looking for a mentor that could really support you in your VA journey, she definitely is the one for you.”

— Trisha, full-time VA for 3 years

Virtual Assistance Basics:

Learn the Skills, Plan Your Strategy, and Earn More

This course offers you a roadmap to becoming a top-earning virtual assistant. You’ll get 10 lessons on the following topics with your purchase:

Welcome to the World of Virtual Assistance


Key Skills Every VA Should Have


Tools to Make Your Life Easier


Shining Online: Building Your VA Brand


Finding Your First Client


Setting Rates and Managing Money


Level Up: Continuous Learning and Growth


Embrace New Trends


Integrating AI into Virtual Assistance


Timeless Skills for Long-Term Success

Plus, get access to bonus resources, including checklists, templates, and more, to jumpstart your VA journey.

Once you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Pinay Girl Boss Academy.

Once you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Pinay Girl Boss Academy.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Yona as my virtual assistant mentor. Her expertise and guidance have pushed me to discover untapped potential within myself. In the past few months, I’ve learned valuable skills, especially in client communication and maintaining a consistent upskilling routine. Yona’s mentorship has been instrumental in my growth, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to maximize their potential.”

— Laiza, full-time VA for 2 years

If you want to earn from home without a highly specialized skill set, you should give virtual assistance a try, and this course will help make sure you get started in this career the right way.

Here are the benefits you’ll get out of learning VA basics from Yona Signo:


You’ll learn from someone who’s been there, done that, and is now winning at the helm of a team she taught her methods to.


It’ll help you get accustomed to essential skills like email management, calendar scheduling, basic digital marketing, and other core tasks—all of which are transferable to other careers should you decide being a VA isn’t for you.


Since you’re learning from someone who got her start at the same level you’re at now, you’ll learn about pitfalls and how to avoid them, plus how to upskill and network your way up the virtual ladder.


You’ll understand the potential of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline tasks, offer predictive insights, and improve client services. This will mean working less for better results!

Become a virtual assistant who attracts and keeps clients in the long term, impressing them with the skills you learned from this course for just P499!

That’s less than:


Four drinks at your favorite coffee shop


Three orders of a cheeseburger meal with fries and a drink from popular fast-food chains


One session at the nail salon getting a mani-pedi with a foot spa

For this small investment, you’ll get a crash course in virtual assistance. You’ll learn how to jumpstart a new career and ensure you have a leg up on the thousands of other virtual assistants trying to break into the market. This gives you that much more of a chance at success in a highly competitive market.

Because there are countless stories about people who gave VAing a try, only to have to go back to their nine-to-five jobs. Why? Because they didn’t learn how to price their service right, or they failed to vet or attract clients who are both willing to pay big and are also a pleasure to work with. Maybe they went into this thinking they wouldn’t have to learn any new skills, only to flounder when asked to work with unfamiliar apps or tasks.

Ensure your success in your new career with Yona Signo’s first ever open course in VA basics!


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