Watercolor Mastery

Basics to Beautiful Brushwork

by Anina Rubio

Discover your inner artist and learn to make your watercolor paintings come alive

Anina Rubio has taught over a thousand students since she first started teaching watercolor art classes in 2015, and her course, Water Color Mastery: Basics to Beautiful Brushwork, promises to take you on a transformative journey through the art of watercolor.

Whether you’re a watercolor newbie or hobbyist, the tips Anina provides will teach you to play with colors, add intricate details, and, more importantly, have the confidence to turn a blank sheet of paper into a masterpiece.

Are you feeling stressed and looking for a therapeutic and creative outlet for all your anxieties?

Do you want to find a form of active meditation that involves focusing on an activity, perhaps because more traditional meditation techniques don’t quite seem to work for you?

Maybe you’ve already dabbled in art before but want to increase your skill level in watercolor painting.

Or perhaps you’ve already started studying art, but you want to expand your expertise in particular mediums, including watercolors?

Then Anina Rubio’s Watercolor Mastery course is the perfect pick to get started on your art hobby, sideline, or eventual career.

Keep in mind, though, that this course may not be the best for:

  • Those with hand tremors or other motor skill issues.
  • People who are afraid to make mistakes, as starting a new skill like this one may only trigger feelings of frustration or impatience.
  • Someone looking to immediately start earning from their art—becoming a successful artist requires a lot of practice and growth!

If you’re up to the challenge, though, you might just find yourself falling in love with watercolors and taking it from hobby to hustle to a whole career!

If you’re new to watercolor painting, you may ask yourself, is this even a hobby worth pursuing? Well, if the idea of making something beautiful to add to a world that has too much ugliness in it doesn’t entice you, maybe consider your mental health and well-being. Here are three ways watercolor painting helps you achieve a healthier, happier state of being:


It forces you to take "you time."

Because watercolor painting requires your attention, pursuing it as a hobby means taking time out of your day to create art. Even if you’re a mom doing it with your kids, this will still often turn into quiet time where everyone can just breathe, paint, and relax.


It can be used for meditation and to increase mindfulness and focus.

Because of the repetitive nature of the movements, watercolor painting can not only be relaxing, but it can actually become a meditative activity as you immerse yourself in your artistry. As you focus on the details of your colors, brushstrokes, textures, and more, you’ll also become more mindful and appreciative of your surroundings.


Expressing yourself through art helps reduce anxiety and increase happiness and self-confidence.

Creating or even just viewing art is said to increase dopamine levels in the brain, thereby upping your feelings of happiness. Actually, a 2017 study by an art therapist found that making art increases blood flow to the part of the brain associated with feeling rewarded. So you could say that taking up painting is its own reward.

Ready to wash away that stress as you watercolor?

Meet Your Mentor:

Anina Rubio

Visual artist, muralist and local and international watercolor workshop teacher

“When I was starting in the creative industry, I had a difficult time finding workshops or even figuring out what to do or where to start—especially because I came from a completely different field of work,” says multidisciplinary visual artist Anina Rubio.

Remembering how it felt now motivates her to share her knowledge of watercolor painting with others. “This class empowers anyone to be an artist, whether you want to paint to destress, you’re looking for a hobby, or you want to become a creative professional.”

And Anina is proof that you can indeed turn your art into a lucrative career. Not only has she painted hundreds of murals around the country, but she’s collaborated on designs with big-name brands like Spotify, Oppo, and Adobe, and had content partnerships with brands like Dell, Uniqlo, and Ikea.

In the decade since she started painting professionally, she has melded art with advocacy. She’s known for using various materials to make environmentally conscious creations and promoting sustainability through art. Anina is also well-known for her paintings of Philippine flora and fauna, and she won an Adobe Stock Advocates grant that allowed her to develop a whole library of these paintings.

Still, no matter how busy she gets, her art keeps her centered. Because Anina doesn’t just practice meditation through painting and teach her students to do the same. She’s also a breathwork coach, which means she understands the connection between breathing, your inner healing and mindfulness, and your art.

Want to learn the relaxing art of painting with watercolors from Anina?

Watercolor Mastery

Basics to Beautiful Brushwork

This course takes you from an introduction to the medium of watercolor painting all the way to specific techniques to make your art pop as well as the best way to display your work and keep it safe from the elements. It includes the following nine lessons:


Introduction: The Magical World of Watercolors


Materials Decoded


Starting with Basics: Techniques 101


Diving into Colors


Textures and Details


Fixing and Enhancing


From Vision to Completion


Preserving and Showcasing Your Work


Moving Forward: Beyond Basics


Conclusion: Your Watercolor Journey Ahead

Watercolor mentor Anina Rubio will also provide her students with a recommended list of materials, suppliers, and reference books to better equip their artistic endeavors.

Once you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Pinay Girl Boss Academy.

The watercolor mastery course will help you win at this notoriously finicky medium so you can produce art you can be proud of and maybe even earn from.

Once you’ve taken this course, you’ll:


Be familiar with the different watercolor materials, from paints to brushes to paper, and the best ways to use them.


Understand color theory and how to mix colors to achieve the shades you want.


Have learned and practiced techniques both basic and intermediate, including wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry painting, layering, gradients, textures, plus how to correct mistakes and level up existing artwork.


Know how best to preserve your artwork for longevity, as watercolor art is prone to damage from water, fading or brittling paper due to sunlight exposure, and more.

Learn how to make beautiful and elegant watercolor art with this course for just P499!

Four drinks at your favorite coffee shop


Three orders of a cheeseburger meal with fries and a drink from popular fast-food chains


One session at the nail salon getting a mani-pedi with a foot spa

For just a little over the daily minimum wage, you can use this course to level up your watercolor hobby so your artwork stands out when compared to others’. Who knows? You may even find yourself earning money from something you used to do for fun.

And if you decide it’s not for you, nothing will happen but that you’ll miss out on this fun way to make art for and with your kids. Plus, you’ll find yourself making prettier and prettier pictures and discovering the relaxing effect hobbies like watercolor painting can have on your mind and body.


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