Canva Made Easy

Design Skills for Beginners and Business Owners

by Atty Tina de Guzman

Learn to make professional-looking graphics, videos, and more, even when you have zero design skills

When Pinay Girl Boss founder Atty. Tina de Guzman found herself needing quality graphic designs for her business and at work, she spent a lot of her hard-earned money paying other people to make even the simplest images for her. Then she discovered the free-to-use design tool that is Canva in 2018 and realized she could do a lot of the work herself.

“I believe there are designs that need a professional artist’s creative touch, and there are daily outputs that can be done independently by learning basic skills and practicing,” the mompreneur says. So she learned how to do what she could, saving the high-level graphics for the professionals. And with her course, Canva Made Easy: Design Skills for Beginners and Business Owners, she’s happy to teach you how to do the same.

You can then use these skills for your own business, work, or personal projects, or maybe even get started on a side hustle making graphic designs for people who don’t have the time or inclination for it.

Are you a business owner looking to increase your brand presence online by using professional-looking graphics on your social media feeds and other materials?

Are you a social media addict or aspiring influencer wanting to learn how to make attention-grabbing posts and banners?

Maybe you’re a content creator looking to diversify your offerings and improve your visual content across different platforms.

You might even be an educator, trainer, or instructor in need of presentation designs that will get and keep your audience’s attention.

Or you have a good eye but zero design skills and want to learn to create graphics that pop, either for fun, as a possible side hustle, or even your main job.

If any of these descriptions fit you, or if you want to learn to make stunning graphics in a way that is user-friendly, quick, and affordable, then Tina de Guzman’s Canva Made Easy course would be perfect for you.

Plus, you don’t need anything apart from a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection to start your Canva journey!

Is Canva the right platform for you? If you’re making really detailed artwork or need enormous files for something like a billboard, then maybe not. But if you’re a beginner in the craft of graphic design or you want something easy to use when on the go, you’ll find that Canva is perfect for your needs.

Here are three reasons to do your social media images on Canva instead of posting these yourself:


It’s easy to learn and use.

You can get from signing up for Canva to producing striking graphics in a matter of hours or even minutes. With how friendly Canva’s user interface is, you don’t need any fancy know-how or experience to come up with great designs.

It’s mobile.

Like Tina, who does most of her designing while stuck in traffic, you won’t have to wait until you get on your computer to start producing awesome graphics with Canva. That level of convenience means you spend less time designing things for your brand and business and can, therefore, spend more time on other projects or with your loved ones.

It allows collaboration.

One reason Canva is a great tool Canva is great for teams for teams is that a lot of people either already know how to use it or can learn the basics in a couple of days or even less. Another is it allows teams to work on the same document and leave feedback for one another, which is a particularly great feature for those who are living the work-from-home lifestyle. You may even save on what you’d otherwise spend on premium accounts when you access Canva as a team.

There are so many more benefits to using Canva, and Tina will walk you through many of them in her course.

Meet Your Mentor:

Atty. Tina de Guzman

Pinay Girl Boss Inc. founder and CEO, mompreneur, business mentor, community builder, collaboration queen, and essential oils and wellness advocate

As the founder and co-founder of several communities and businesses, including Pinoy Girl Boss, Atty. Tina de Guzman knows what it’s like to have to juggle various needs with the fact that she only has two pairs of hands. But this has only driven her to find fast and easy ways to meet those needs without compromising quality.

One of those needs was providing great-looking graphic designs for social media, posters, invitations, and more. Because she was so busy, she ended up outsourcing the work of creating these, increasing her business costs. Enter Canva, a design tool that’s both free-to-use and mobile-friendly. Tina signed up for it in 2019 and, since then has used it for most of her graphic design needs.

“Having the skills to generate business materials from my laptop and phone is so empowering,” she says. “It allowed me to have freedom in designing my materials my way, in my time, on top of not having to shell out extra money for the job.”

Being able to design graphics herself has been invaluable to her branding, not to mention light on the pocket. She’s used it primarily for her various businesses and communities, including Pinay Girl Boss, The Oil Natural Project, FitMoms Project PH, MILF (Moms In Love with Fun) Manila, and her own website,

And the best part? Because the app is so mobile-friendly, it hasn’t eaten up any of the time spent on her projects or with her family. “Since I learned Canva, I have created my own logos, social media materials, letterheads, posters, invitations, and presentation decks—most of which I have done on my phone while waiting in traffic.”

Let Tina show you how to go from dunce to design diva in full control of your own branding, just like she did.

Canva Made Easy

Design Skills for Beginners and Business Owners

Go from zero to design hero with this Canva basics course! With her super easy design tips, community builder and mompreneur Atty. Tina de Guzman teaches you how to make graphic materials for daily business or work needs. You can even use these skills for your personal social media posts.

In this course, you’ll have the following lessons:


Introduction to Canva: Your Design Journey Begins


The ABCs of Design: Principles and Practices


Making the Most of Templates


Visual Elements: Photos, Icons, and Beyond


Create Videos with Canva


Advanced Features and Techniques


Branding Brilliance with Canva


Canva Pro: Elevating Your Design Game


Keeping Up with Canva’s Evolution

You’ll also get access to a resource hub with a curated library of design guides, Canva tutorials, and inspiration sources.

Once you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Pinay Girl Boss Academy.

Canva Made Easy will not only give you a hands-on tour of Canva and teach you techniques and best practices to help you make professional-level graphics essential if you’re running social media accounts for your work or business or even just for fun.

Graduates of this course will have learned how to:


Navigate and make the most of Canva’s essential tools and features.


Create winning graphics that instantly grab attention by using templates and other tools and applying design principles like color coordination, font selection, and layout arrangement.


Quickly and beautifully edit videos for reels, shorts, or longer formats perfect for platforms like YouTube or TikTok.


Build a brand kit and craft visuals for your brand that are both consistent and memorable.

While there might be better courses for present Canva users who already have a good grasp of how to use the platform, Tina also shares tips on elevating your design game beyond the basics.
Level up your graphics design game with this course for just P499!

Not only is it half or even a third of the price of Sheila’s in-person workshops, but that’s also less than:


Four drinks at your favorite coffee shop


Three orders of a cheeseburger meal with fries and a drink from popular fast-food chains


One session at the nail salon getting a mani-pedi with a foot spa

With this, you’ll find yourself making eye-catching graphics you can use for work or business. Or you can even start a business with the skills you learn here, increasing your earnings by doing everything from making videos to social media collaterals to book covers and more.

Of course, you could learn this on your own—Tina herself is self-taught in the art of Canva. But why go through all that trial and error if she’s here to guide you through it? And if you’re a business owner who thinks this isn’t something you can or want to do, and you’d rather outsource the graphic work, think of how much money you could save! Not only that, but you’ll have more control and consistency over your branding because no one cares about your brand more than you do.

Ready to design something gorgeous?


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