Charismatic Creators


For a lot of people, living the dream is all about making money doing something you love and are passionate about. If you’ve always dreamed about letting your inner artist out of the box in your brain made out of fear, duty, and impostor syndrome, then let these courses help you.

All five of these mentors have proven you can turn your hobbies and passions into comfortable living. So who better to guide you to do the same?

In this bundle, you’ll get the following five courses for the cost of four:

  • Watercolor Mastery: Basics to Beautiful Brushwork by Anina Rubio (Multidisciplinary Artist and Watercolor Teacher Since 2015)
  • Mobile Mastery: Smartphone Photography for Professional Results by Sheila Catilo (Professional Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer Since 2005)
  • Canva Made Easy: Design Skills for Beginners and Business Owners by Atty. Tina de Guzman (CEO: Pinay Girl Boss Academy, The Oil Natural Project Co-Founder: FitMoms Project PH)
  • Get Paid to Create Content: Attract Brands, Earn More, and Make Lasting Connections by Marie Field-Faith (Key Opinion Leader, Community Builder, Event Activator Since 2014)

Charisma and Confidence: How to Talk to Anyone and Make an Impact by KIMILU (Corporate Trainer and Certified Life Coach Since 2010)