Leadership Excellence


If you’re a company manager, a business owner, a community leader, or just any kind of person for whom it’s important to know how to get things done and get people to pay attention to what you have to offer, you’ll want to check out these five courses.

In this bundle, you’ll get the following five courses for the cost of four:

  • Public Speaking for Beginners: Key Techniques for Speaking to an Audience by Ayn Bernos (Host, Writer, Beauty Queen, English Teacher, Entrepreneur)
  • Charisma and Confidence: How to Talk to Anyone and Make an Impact by KIMILU (Corporate Trainer and Certified Life Coach Since 2010)
  • Start Your Business Right: Business Registration and Structures 101 by Jose Antonio Aliling (Lawyer and Business Consultant)
  • Beginners Guide to Taxation in the Philippines: The What, Why, and How of Taxes by Sharon Aytona, CPA, LLB, CPP (Thinktank Accountants for Taxation, Accounting and Business Registration)
  • Get Paid to Create Content: Attract Brands, Earn More, and Make Lasting Connections by Marie Field-Faith (Key Opinion Leader, Community Builder, Event Activator Since 2014)