Charisma and Confidence:

How to Talk to Anyone and Make an Impact


Say goodbye to awkwardness in social and professional situations, and leave the people you meet impressed by your charm and confidence!

One of the Philippines’ pioneers in life coaching, KIMILU teaches you how to face every situation with poise and eloquence in her course Charisma and Confidence: How to Talk to Anyone and Make an Impact. After all, humans are social beings, and this course will set you on the path to making friends and influencing people.

Harness the skills she teaches you to give you that X factor at meetings, parties, and even dates. Use the connections you make with your leveled-up conversational skills to build your social and professional network or even build brands for businesses.

Do you struggle to show others the fantastic, engaging person you are inside because of feelings of awkwardness or an attack of imposter syndrome?

Are you an introvert but find you have to interact with people more and more, especially in a post-pandemic world?

Have you ever felt like you faded into the background during social gatherings like parties, networking nights, and other get-togethers?

Do you find it hard to connect with others in a way that leaves both of you entertained, enlightened, or empowered by your conversations?

Are you dreading the next meeting or presentation at work, worried you don’t have the confidence to add that inexplicable oomph to your delivery to impress your colleagues, clients, or bosses?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, don’t worry! Because charisma and confidence aren’t skills you’re born with, we’ve got certified life coach, entrepreneur, and author KIMILU willing to teach you the basics. Then, you can go on to be a master with practice, practice, practice!

As a sneak peek, here’s a tip you can apply immediately: one way to get and keep a person’s attention is to show them your attention is squarely on them.

And Ursula the sea witch may have been wrong about so many things, but there’s one thing she got right—don’t underestimate the importance of body language! So here are a few ways you can show that you’re present, paying attention, interested in what another person has to say:


Stand or sit upright; don’t slouch.

Otherwise, the person you’re talking to may get the feeling that you’re bored with what they have to say.

Keep your arms in an “open” position.

Crossing your arms across your chest subconsciously tells people you’re feeling defensive and may be resistant to new ideas. Then folks won’t have to ask if you’re open-minded; keeping your posture relaxed and open tells them you are.

Talk with your hands.

It’s said idle hands are the devil’s playground, and this is true when it comes to the charisma game. While overdoing it can make you appear fake, gesturing as you speak can help show your passion and authenticity.
Learn more about using your face and body and not just your words to impress and charm others from KIMILU’s course. Plus, she has a wealth of other tips to teach you!

Meet Your Mentor:


Licensed certified master neuro-linguistic hypnotherapy life coach, reiki master practitioner, entrepreneur, corporate consultant, and self-published author

“My utmost desire is for you to be unapologetic about being the best version of yourself through the purposeful work that you do AND celebrate it!” says KIMILU, who almost has too many titles to her name to list here. This is a woman who, despite the many and varied hats she wears in her personal and professional life, keeps her goals simple: she wants to help people, teams, and companies on their journey toward positivity and confidence.

So, who better to steer anyone on this journey to being a happier, more confident version of yourself than someone who’s been guiding people in self-discovery, self-healing, and self-mastery since 2010?

Apart from over a decade spent guiding growth-seekers and heart-centered leaders through her programs and workshops, KIMILU’s credentials are nothing to scoff at, with over half a dozen certifications under her belt, including one for life coaching from Bennet Stellar University in California.

Kimi published her book Masturdating: An Intentional Guidebook to Celebrate Life!, which is currently available on Amazon. And in 2020, she launched her own certification program. SacredSpace® Certification is a six-month program that uses her distinct mind-body-spirit framework to empower her students to serve their clients, teams, and community members with a heart-centered approach.

And in 2021, she co-founded her own publishing company with the goal of sharing stories that could influence change in peoples’ lives.

Ready to start learning from this incredible mentor?

“I started out just wanting a push in the right direction and some clarity from the fog I was in, but it ended up being more than that and it was what I really needed.
I learned that I am enough, that everything I’ve been through will help me achieve my new goal – and my goals are so much more holistic and less superficial.”

Bee Aguilar, Confidence Boost Program Graduate

Charisma and Confidence:

How to Talk to Anyone and Make an Impact

In this course, you’ll get ten lessons on everything from why being charismatic and confident matters in your life to making an immediate impact on the people you meet. You’ll learn to use your words and actions to engage others, give yourself instant confidence boosts, and much, much more.



What Makes Someone Charismatic?


First Impressions: Make Them Stick


Taking Small Talk to the Next Level


Be a Great Listener: They’ll Love You for It


Choose Your Words, Craft Your Impact


Speak Without Saying a Word


Build Your Confidence from the Inside Out


Challenges That Make You Shine


Keeping the Charisma and Confidence Game Strong:


Your Journey Ahead

Plus, Kimi has curated a list of recommended books, articles, and videos to help you continue to level up your charisma and confidence. You’ll also get access to bonus resources, activity prompts, worksheets and other downloadable materials.

Once you complete the course, you’ll get a certificate of completion from Pinay Girl Boss Academy.

The Charisma and Confidence course is your guide to understanding the best way to connect with people, appreciate their awesomeness, and let your own shine through.

Once you’ve taken this course, you’ll be able to:


Turn on the charm to leave a lasting impression on the people you meet and interact with so they remember you long after you’ve parted ways.


Truly learn to listen, with the understanding that this not just endears you to people but also gives you a better understanding of others and yourself.


Choose the right way to express yourself both verbally and nonverbally so people don't just listen to you—they'll let themselves be convinced by whatever you have to say!


Identify that inner spark that makes you uniquely and amazingly you, and let it shine brightly in every aspect of your life.

Learn how to carry yourself with poise and leave the impression of being eloquent and engaging in any social situation for just P499!

Not only is this price point 43% lower than her most affordable course before this one, which was priced at P888, but it’s less than:


Four drinks at your favorite coffee shop


Three orders of a cheeseburger meal with fries and a drink from popular fast-food chains


One session at the nail salon getting a mani-pedi with a foot spa

Think of this as getting a huge confidence boost instead of half a week’s morning caffeine boosts. Or prettying up your personality so others can see the amazing woman you are inside instead of a single pampering session for those fingers and toes.

Because KIMILU’s course will have you strutting your stuff. You’ll learn to portray your best self so the world can see what you and your closest family and friends have known all along—that you’re a wonderful person anyone would want to get to know better and put their trust in.

Thinking this course isn’t for you? Then think about all the opportunities you could be missing to make meaningful, productive connections with others, whether it’s in your career or your personal life.

Could your next date with a cutie you’re really into fall flat because you kept getting tongue-tied in his presence? Or maybe you don’t quite make the impression you want to at a work presentation because your delivery didn’t hold up the facts, figures, or proposal you were selling. Perhaps you pass on the opportunity to make a new friend and collaborator at your next networking night and only find out when you hear about an incredible project of theirs you would have liked to be a part of.

Can you really afford to miss out?


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